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Welcome to Melnessie, your resource for anything related to land based casinos. With online gambling halls becoming ever so popular, let’s not forget where they came from. Land based casinos are deeply ingrained into many of the UK’s larger cities and enjoy a long, but relatively unknown history. Do you wanna read more about online gambling, please visit GamblingAdvisor.

Here you can find out about that and how they morphed into the casinos you know and love today. But this isn’t purely about reminiscing and nostalgia. With a great number of casinos closing down, it’s important to appreciate those that are remaining. Land based casinos in the UK are enjoying something of a revival as locals and visitors alike flock to stylish, modern businesses.

Discover some of the best casinos and casino chains in the country, from the elegant and exclusive, to the pop in for a quick punt venues. They really satisfy every taste!

Here you will also find a number of tales from the most famous betting houses. Stories of big winners and crazy antics are provided to both enjoy and serve as a reminder of how to gamble responsibly. You can also find some great tips from professional gamblers, ensuring you leave after a game or ten with a smile on your face and with the shirt still on your back.

For newcomers to the world of land based casinos, welcome again. Check out our quick guide on what to expect and how to behave, with tips from how to dress suitably to joining a table for the first time: you’ll be able to walk in and look like a pro.

Info about online casinos

We dont write about online casinos at all. BUT, if you want to read about online casinos in uk, please visit our friends. Do you like to play online, please try live roulette and feel the difference.